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Oshawa Rookie Tournament, Game 3: Ottawa Senators v. Toronto Maple Leafs

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Toronto Maple Leafs
v. Ottawa Senators

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
General Motors Centre

Enemy: Pension Plan Puppets

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Ottawa's rookies are having themselves a good little tournament, having scored 10 goals in the process of winning both games. Their opponents tonight, representing the Toronto Maple Leafs have scored nine goals while winning both of their games as well. Apparently they've only allowed three goals in those games, so this isn't going to be an easy game for the Sens' players.

I don't usually get personal in these game previews, but I have something that I haven't really told anyone in a while, so I hope you don't mind me sharing some of my innermost thoughts with you. And if you do mind, that's too bad, because I'm going to share anyway. Ready? Here goes:

I really hate the Leafs.


That is all.

Also, since you read this far, you may as well join us in the comments section. That's where all the cool people are. ALL of them. Except Robin Lehner. He'll probably be in the net.