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Silver Nuggets: Regin healthy; Senators goal song contest

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How many times will we hear Beautiful Day at Scotiabank Place this year? (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
How many times will we hear Beautiful Day at Scotiabank Place this year? (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
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September is here! It was exactly ten years ago today, that the brave English lions cruised into Munich and won their World Cup qualifier 5-1. What a glorious day it was! What are some of your favourite non-hockey sports memories?

But enough of that, here are today's links:

  • Some of you may have been concerned about Peter Regin as we haven't heard much about him since his season ended. Well, he is fully healed and ready to go. While there are question marks as to how he will perform, at least we know he is injury free. (Ottawa Senators)
  • The Ottawa Senators are holding a contest for the Senators goal song. You can't go wrong with Friday by Rebecca Black can you? I am fairly certain this will at least be Mark's pump-up song in game day threads. (Ottawa Senators)
  • When Alfie scores, the Sens will still play Beautiful Day by U2. (Ottawa Senators)
  • Scott makes some suggestions, and I think I will be one of those hoping for Song 2. Assuming it isn't Friday that is. As someone who isn't really familiar with a lot of music, I just want something catchy damn it. (The 6th Sens)
  • The Senators will have a lot of new faces this year, SenShot takes a look at which ones might make the biggest impact. (SenShot)
  • The Cory Clouston Fashion Review is one year old! But they will also be changing their name soon. They will no longer be asking if Mike Fisher can repeat his career year but are looking forward to a year of exciting uncertainty! They are also hilarious as always. (Cory Clouston Fashion Review)
  • The Ottawa Sun is predicting a tough season for the Senators in all areas except goal, where they got rid of the "incompetence" of Brian Elliott and Pascal Leclaire. You will have to look past the typos when naming Bryan Murray and David Rundblad though. Also, the Senators were second last in goals scored, not last damn it! We are #2! (Ottawa Sun)
  • On a sad note, there was yet another death among NHL enforcers, as Wade Belak was found dead in downtown Toronto yesterday. (TSN)
  • And on another sad note, James Duthie reports that people were trying to sell pictures of Belak on the last day of his life to the media. Couple that with a rush to report the death before even his family knew, it makes for a sad state of affairs. (James Duthie)