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Silver Nuggets: How many games for Anderson; Ottawa Senators fantasy hockey news

A whole whack of headlines for you today, and I even managed to find a few related to your Ottawa Senators. I'd also like to say Eid Mubarak to anyone celebrating the holiday today, and wish you the best.

Back to the Senators: Let's talk Craig Anderson. I'm wondering, how many games should we expect the guy to play this season? The Sens have a capable, if unspectacular, backup ready in Alex Auld, but Anderson's best NHL season was 2009-10, when he played 71 games and pretty much carried the Colorado Avalanche into the playoffs. And his brief stint with Ottawa last season was perhaps the best hockey of his career, and he started 18 of 21 games since being acquired. Is he the kind of guy who needs to play a lot to get his game going?

So a poll question for today: How many games would you like to see Anderson should start this season?

Senators headlines:

  • Every year, someone lists off some "burning questions." I, for one, hope we can move past that cliché, because it's terribly lame. For the Sens, the prediction is that Nikita Filatov will play top-line minutes and pot at least 20 goals. (Ottawa Sun)
  • Your standard "battles in training camp" article, featuring the well-used "The kids are alright" lede. (Sens)
  • A look at this year's Yahoo! fantasy rankings. Erik Karlsson is the highest Senator at 75 overall. (Puck Daddy)
  • Pre-season tickets in Canada, Ottawa included, are ridiculously expensive. But people still pay for them, so why would that change? (Our Hometown)
  • Spread the 'stache. (The 6th Sens)
  • A look at the challenges of building arenas in Canada, whether privately or publicly funded. (Edmonton Journal)
  • Speculation suggesting the New York Islanders might want some defensive depth, and that since Filip Kuba would be cheap, they might look towards Ottawa. I don't see it happening. (CyberPresse)

General headlines:

  • A really, really cool look at the "business" of professional sports, and the ridiculousness of owners complaining about losing money. (Grantland)
  • Nicklas Lidstrom really likes Ian White. He also kind of likes Mike Commodore. (Detroit Free Press)
  • Fantasy hockey previews, in the form of Blogger Breakouts, have started over at Fantasy Hockey Scouts. Today, the Nashville Predators, featuring Dirk Hoag of On The Forecheck. Look for a Sens breakout in the coming weeks. (Fantasy Hockey Scouts)
  • Winners and losers for this off-season, so far. The Sens are winners! But, hey, wait a second... (Down Goes Brown)
  • Some of the most interesting names in the NHL for the 1920s and 30s. My vote for most interesting is Obs Heximer... what the hell kind of name is that? (Arctic Ice Hockey)
  • Interesting story on Jaromir Jagr leading up to his NHL return. He suggests the Pittsburgh Penguins made an intentionally low contract offer as a publicity stunt. (Broad Street Hockey)
  • San Jose Sharks fans might be counting their chickens before they hatch if they're assuming Brent Burns and Marc-Edouard Vlasic will be patrolling their blue line for "years to come." (Fear the Fin)
  • After Daymond Langkow was traded from the Calgary Flames yesterday, Hayley wrote him a poem. (Matchsticks and Gasoline)