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Silver Nuggets: Pre-season predictions on their way

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It's that time of year, folks: The time when pundits across the league are formulating their well-researched predictions and coming up with ideas of how the upcoming season might shake out. It's not going to be easy for optimistic Sens fans out there, but fear not: These predictions are rarely right, anyway. And even if they are right, and the Sens finish at or near the bottom of the standings, it's all part of the plan, anyway.

On to the links...

Ottawa Senators links:

  • The Hockey News has the first prediction list, and they're calling the Sens to finish at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Lottery pick! (The Hockey News)
  • Postmedia looks at the lack of love for the Senators and Edmonton Oilers from The Hockey News. (Citizen)
  • And Nichols' take on the THN ranking. (The 6th Sens)
  • Mirtle's preview series hits the Sens today, and I spoke with him about what we might expect from the team this season. (Globe and Mail)
  • Are Erik Karlsson and Brian Lee the perfect defence pairing? I don't think so, but you can decide for yourself. (Senshot)
  • Everyone's leaving the Binghamton Senators this off-season. Even equipment managers. (Press & Sun Bulletin)
  • The Citizen is running an All-Time Ottawa Senators All-Star poll series. Goalies are up today. (Sens Extra)

General links: