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Silver Nuggets: Filatov promised top six minutes

Not as much going on in Sens news today, but Nikita Filatov did cause a bit of a ripple with a revelation. That's all I got for an introduction so here are today's links.

  • Nikita Filatov told Sovetsky Sports that he was promised first or second line minutes, as well as power play time. Cue the uproar about entitled Russians! I don't know if "promise" was the right word, but I would be very disappointed if Filatov is being made to play in the bottom six. (Dmitry Chesnokov)
  • Here is another take on it, suggesting that maybe some context was lost in translation, especially with respect to 'promise'. Still, on this Ottawa team, there aren't any options better than him in the top six. (The 6th Sens)
  • So, apparently Stittsville has its own newspaper. That's adorable. Here they take a look at the Senators 20 year history and the big dates in the upcoming season. I do love the weekend in March where they host both Toronto and Montreal, there is a good chance I will be there. (Stittsville/Richmond EMC)
  • A listing of the Senators home schedule and how they classify into gold/silver/bronze pricing. All the games against Toronto, Montreal and Pittsburgh are classified as gold, among others. Remember, game packs go on sale tomorrow at 10 a.m. (Ottawa Senators)