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Silver Nuggets: Media and the Senators; Brian Lee's last chance

For the second day in a row, there will be a link to an article on Brian Lee. Is this a brand new record? I would have to guess so. It really will be an interesting season for Lee, in the last year of his contract, he really has to have a solid season to cement his place in the organisation.

Here are today's links:

  • Why do writers who likely don't follow the Senators at all, insist on giving seemingly expert opinion on the club? Back when The Hockey News couldn't fathom why the Sens weren't active in free agency, wasn't it obvious months in advance that would be the case? In a weak free agent market, the Sens did well not to spend like the Florida Panthers. Hopefully the Senators draft picks work out, but if not, it's still no reason to hand out silly contracts. (The 6th Sens)
  • Here is a listing of the top 25 centres in the NHL, apparently Jason Spezza isn't one of them. But, Dave Bolland, David Backes, Jordan Staal are. If we are penalising players for down years, why is Vincent Lecavalier (54 points in 65 games) at #11, but Spezza (57 points in 62 games) not in the top 25. If penalising players for injury shortened seasons, then why is Sidney Crosby #1? (Yahoo!)
  • Zenon Konopka is really happy to be playing in a city where hockey is #1. He is also looking forward to travelling to Toronto and Buffalo three times a year, which are both close to his home in Niagara-on-the-Lake. (St. Catherines Standard)
  • With Konopka signed, this likely will make Matt Carkner expendable around training camp. Can Brian Lee nail down a spot this season or will he be let go at the end of the season? Carkner likely has higher trade value than Lee right now, while Lee still probably has a higher upside. For this reason, it would make more sense to keep Lee. (Senshot)
  • Everyone's favourite defenceman, Erik Karlsson, is now on twitter. What we learned? He lost in straight sets in tennis to Jarkko Ruutu, and it is Karlsson's girlfriend's birthday today. Judging from his opinion on Canadian and Swedish girls from back when he was drafted, I can only assume she is Swedish. Also, if he is playing tennis, his thigh injury should be fine now! (Erik Karlsson)