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Free Agency 2011 Open Thread

Despite desperate attempts at alliteration, a "frenzy" probably won't happen today, mainly because this year's free agent crop is Brad Richards, Tomas Vokoun, and a bunch of dudes. Remember when the trade deadline and the start of free agency meant wheeling and dealing and shocking signings? Yeah, those days are gone thanks to the lockout and last CBA--since players now hit free agency at a much earlier age, GMs offer them stupidly long contracts so they don't hit the open market in their prime. We missed a year of hockey for this.

So, prepare yourself for all-day coverage from TSN as they find ways to justify Ville Leino's new, overinflated salary, speculate endlessly on offer sheet scenarios for Steven Stamkos, and discuss the latest update on why Toronto hasn't signed Richards yet.

Join us for the fun! It's going to be... something.

Also, Happy Canada Day!