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2011 NHL Entry Draft, day two: Ottawa Senators open thread

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The first round of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft was a busy one for the Ottawa Senators, as they not only made their two first-round selections heading into the draft, but also flipped a couple of second-rounders for a third pick in the first round.

Those three picks were used to select Mika Zibanejad (6 overall), Stefan Noesen (21 overall), and Matt Puempel (24 overall). The three play centre, right wing, and left wing respectively, immediately adding to the franchise's depth at all three forward positions. Although reports suggest Noesen's offensive potential may be limited, both Zibanejad and Puempel are billed as some offensively dynamic prospects in the Sens' system.

Ottawa still has eight picks left to go, although four of them are in the final two rounds of the draft. Still, expect Bryan Murray to continue working the phones in the hopes of moving up further in the draft, or picking up roster players in exchange for picks. Time will tell what the GM and his scouting staff have up their sleeves.

Join us here on Saturday as the 2011 NHL Entry Draft continues!

  • 61 overall (from Boston as part of the Chris Kelly trade)


  • 66 overall


  • 96 overall


  • 126 overall


  • 156 overall
  • 171 overall (from Anaheim, in exchange for Jarkko Ruutu)


  • 186 overall
  • 204 overall (from Pittsburgh, in exchange for Alex Kovalev)