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Chris Kelly wins the Stanley Cup

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Notorious "bad guy" Chris Kelly won the Stanley Cup with the Boston Bruins last night. It would have been nice to see the Ottawa Senators do something like that, but I'm sure most Sens fans were happy to see Kels hoist the Cup--he's always been a very likable player, and his style (while nothing flashy) was highly respected by most Ottawa supporters. Kelly becomes the third Ottawa Senators draft pick to have his name engraved there.

Unfortunately, the fact that the Bruins won the Cup means that the second-round pick the Senators received in exchange for Kelly is literally as late as it could possibly be at 61st overall (it would have been 60th, but there was a compensatory draft pick awarded that dropped the pick even lower). Still a chance of drafting a good player at that spot, but the chance isn't as high as it could have been.

Congratulations to Kelly for winning the Cup. I wonder if he'll bring it to Ottawa...