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Stanley Cup playoffs, day 59: Canucks/Bruins look to take the lead

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The Vancouver Canucks will look to bounce back from a couple of heavy losses when they host the Boston Bruins tonight. It is obviously a huge game, and to illustrate the fact, from WhoWins, it can be seen that in Stanley Cup finals the club leading 3-2 in a series has won 27 out of 34 series. It is especially important for Vancouver, as team who lead 3-2 and have a game 7 at home at 22-2. Teams with a game six are however only 5-5.

Stats aside, Vancouver desperately needs a strong effort tonight having been outscored 12-1 in the last two games. In fact, should Vancouver win the Stanley Cup, they could become one of the rare clubs to win the championship while being outscored in the playoffs. As of right now, Vancouver has 55 goals for and 60 against.

Join us for all the action!