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Silver Nuggets: Murray starts coaching hunt; Lehner maturing

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Today is a historic day in the Silver Nuggets, as for the first time ever, there will be a link to Fox News.

Anyway, the Tampa Bay Lightning continued their unlikely run by defeating the Boston Bruins 5-4 last night to set up a game seven tomorrow night. If they win tomorrow, would they be the unlikeliest conference winners since the 2006 Edmonton Oilers?

On a more important note, we are now only 29 days away from the NHL draft!

Here are today's links:

General Sens News

  • Tim Murray feels that Robin Lehner has matured over the season. Where as earlier Lehner would be bothered by players driving his crease or spraying him with snow, he is now concentrating on stopping pucks. (Ottawa Sun)
  • Bryan Murray has started his coaching hunt now that he has an idea of who is available (assuming the conference finalists don't get fired). He also confirmed that Binghamton coach Kurt Kleinendorst will be interviewed. (Citizen)
  • How good was Craig Anderson's 47 save shutout in Toronto in his Senators debut? According to this method, it was the best performance by a goaltender this season. (Yahoo!)

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General Hockey News

  • A neurologist asks why is the NHL trying to get rid of elbows to the head, but it is okay to punch someone 10 times in the head? I ask the same thing. Would people really stop watching hockey if there were no fights? (Citizen)
  • My favourite announcer in the NHL, Rick Jeanneret, will return next season to a reduced schedule. (Yahoo!)
  • Kyle Okposo has signed a 5-year contract extension worth $14 million. (Yahoo!)
  • Here is a look at the top 10 defencemen attending the NHL Scouting Combine in Toronto next week. (Fox News)