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Silver Nuggets: ISS Draft rankings; Another mock draft; Senators off-season plan

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Hi all, after the long weekend, the Silver Nuggets are back. I will admit, I have kind of stopped watching hockey, so end the playoffs already and bring on the draft! Or I guess we can let Vancouver go through the formality, whatever works.

With that brief introduction, here are today's links:

General Sens News

  • In the latest International Scouting Services NHL draft rankings from May 15, Mika Zibanejad is now up to #6. He could be the dark horse that the Sens select that not many saw coming. (TSN)
  • Hockey Wilderness, the Minnesota Wild's SB Nation blog,  is doing a mock draft one by one for each NHL club. Today they are doing the Ottawa Senators, so be sure to check out their analysis and help make our mock pick. (Hockey Wilderness)
  • David Rundblad has been named Hockey's Future's prospect of the year. (Hockey's Future)
  • Here is another look at what the Senators need to do in the offseason, starting with finding a coach. (Too Many Men on the Site)
  • What is the impact of the Colin Greening and Zack Smith extensions? (Senshot)
  • Is the Ottawa Senators coaching job the most attractive among the five vacancies? The Dallas News disagrees. (Dallas News)
  • Daniel Alfredsson now has a fourth son. (Citizen)

General Hockey News

  • Here is a realignment plan that would have my three most hated teams in the Senators division (Pittsburgh, Montreal and Toronto). I like it, I like it a lot!  It is also geographically sound. (Yahoo!)
  • Joe Thornton will play for  the Sharks tonight and Christian Ehrhoff is day-to-day for the Canucks. I have been so zoned out, I didn't know either one was hurt. (TSN)