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Stanley Cup Playoffs, day twenty-eight: Sharks versus Red Wings

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The Detroit Red Wings host the San Jose Sharks tonight and look to become the third club in a year to send a series to a seventh game after falling behind 3-0. The Sharks looked to be cruising to a series win in game five, leading both the game and series by a 3-1 count. However, Detroit roared back in the third period with three unanswered goals and sent the series back to Detroit.

The task also got tougher for the Sharks as it was announced that leading scorer Ryane Clowe did not make the trip to Detroit. Clowe is tied for second in the NHL playoffs with 13 points. The Red Wings will be without Johan Franzen and will be replaced by 40-year old Mike Modano. Modano is only the second oldest player on the team, born 40 days after Nicklas Lidstrom.

Meanwhile, since leaving the Senators, Dany All-Star Heatley has 5 goals in 25 playoff games over the last two seasons. Well, it must be because he has a lot of other responsibilities. the playoffs Heatley is 6th among Sharks forwards in total ice time per game. But, he wanted more responsibility, so he must be getting a lot of power play and shorthanded time then? Oh what's that? He's also 6th in power play and shorthanded ice time? It's almost like...he might be on the second power play unit!?