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Stanley Cup Playoffs, day nine: Sharks/King Game of the Night

Well the week is almost over, I can look forward to four days off and lots of hockey! On the other hand, you are unlikely to get any nuggets from me over that time frame. Don't cry. :(

Anyway, there are three games in the NHL playoffs tonight. After careful consideration, by the power vested in me by Peter of the Raaymakers, I declare tonight's Silver Seven Game of the Night (brought to you by Booster Juice, the official smoothie supplier of Silver Seven Sens) to be the San Jose Sharks versus the Los Angeles Kings. Now it is a late game, but tomorrow is a holiday! Also, the last game featured the Sharks coming back from 4-0 down, so there is that. How will the Kings respond to such a morale destroying loss? Will Dany Heatley demand more responsibility after being held to just one assist in their 6-5 win?

Here is tonight's full schedule: