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Stanley Cup Playoffs, day seven: Canucks/Blackhawks Game of the Night

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I am going to keep this relatively short as I want to go home. There are only two games tonight. So without further delay, The Silver Seven Game of the Night (brought to you by Booster Juice, the official smoothie supplier of Silver Seven Sens) is...the Vancouver Canucks visiting the Chicago Blackhawks. The Canucks can eliminate the defending champions with a victory. The other game is San Jose visiting Los Angeles, in a tied series, so it should be really more fun than a 3-0 series. But come on, who is going to watch until 1 a.m. on a week night!

Anyway, if the Canucks can win, they will finally lift a huge monkey off their back. They just seem to be very good in every area, do they really have a weak spot?

The Binghamton Senators also play tonight, hosting Game Four of their first round series.

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