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Stanley Cup Playoffs, day six: Flyers/Sabres Game of the Night

The Stanley Cup playoffs (Les Éliminatoires de la Coupe Stanley) return tonight with four games. What is the game of the night you ask? You think I will say Montreal/Boston, but you are wrong. You think I will say Pittsburgh/Tampa Bay, but you are wrong again. You think I will say Detroit/Phoenix, okay no, you won't think that.

Tonight's Silver Seven Game of the Night (brought to you by Booster Juice, the official smoothie supplier of Silver Seven Sens) features the Philadelphia Flyers visiting Mark's hometown to take on the Buffalo Sabres. Now, some of you might hate both teams, so I will tell you who to cheer for. Philadelphia. I have a bunch of them in my various playoff pools.

The big story in this game is that Bob, also known as Sergei Bobrovsky, is not only not starting tonight, but he is not even being allowed to backup tonight. Talk about a fall. Brian Boucher will get the call against Patrick Lalime for Buffalo. Just kidding, Ryan Miller starts for Buffalo. Guess who has the better playoff numbers though?

As far as the Boston/Montreal game goes, let me just say this to any Sens fan that chooses to cheer for Montreal: you have disappointed me greatly. Do you care you disappointed me? Probably not. It has happened nonetheless though!

ALLEZ LES BRUINS! Zdeno Chara sont là!

Pittsburgh also visits Tampa Bay while Detroit visits Phoenix in the other two games. But who cares about that right? Although I will say this, Phoenix had only 500 tickets left around 3:00 p.m. Eastern, so they will likely sell out tonight. After mocking them, I got to say I am impressed.