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Stanley Cup Playoffs, day four: Things are getting real

Today's the fourth day of the playoffs, and another four series continue into their second games. Although a lot of people say game three in a series in the biggest (it will either give you the lead, or it will be the difference between going down 3-0 or 2-1), I think game two is always huge: If you're down, you can pull even, and if you're up, you can take a huge two-game lead in the series. So there are some massive games going on.

As I write this (sorry for the delay), the Phoenix Coyotes are getting ready to take on the Detroit Red Wings in some afternoon hockey action. But that's not our feature game today; that honour belongs once again to the Montreal Canadiens-Boston Bruins series.

  • Montreal Canadiens @ Boston Bruins, 7:00 p.m. (CBC, RDS, Versus)

Some intrigue was added to the series with the announcement that Zdeno Chara was being treated for dehydration after last game, and is a game-time decision tonight. My first question is how the hell a professional athlete gets dehydrated enough to need to be admitted to hospital, but I'm also wondering what impact his absence will have on the Bruins if he's out of the lineup OR what shape he will be in, if he is able to play. Time will tell.

We're also going to be watching the goaltending matchup, of course. Carey Price played lights-out hockey (with a little help from Brent Sopel) in game one, but never write off Tim Thomas in a playoff series. He should bounce back.

But it is worth noting that the Bruins have lost five straight playoff games.

Other action today:

Enjoy the games today, and feel free to discuss any or all of them in the comments.