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Young guns lead the way in Ottawa's 3-1 win over Thrashers

With the top line being two-thirds rookie, it's not surprising the youngsters were key to the victory tonight. More key was Craig Anderson, who stopped 42 of 43 shots, but him stealing games for the Ottawa Senators is almost an old story by now, and the 3-1 win over the Atlanta Thrashers is owed in large part to Anderson's heroics.

Still, the young kids were massive tonight, too. Colin Greening scored his first NHL goal (it still counts, even if it was a fluke), and Bobby Butler absolutely rifled a the game-winner past Chris Mason. Rookie Derek Smith also got an assist (his first NHL point), and youngsters Brian Lee and Erik Karlsson also had assists. It sure looks like the rebuild is in pretty good hands with these kids.

Sens Hero: Craig Anderson
The biggest hero once again for Ottawa. Stopped 42 of 43, including breakaways and odd-man rushes, and was just clutch for the Senators. His GAA with Ottawa is now 1.16, his SP is .960, and his awesomeness quotient is off the charts.

Sens Hero: Chris Phillips
Since signing his contract extension, Phillips has had two games, and both have been stellar efforts. Tonight he had an assist, which is a nice bonus, but he played his game: In 23:05 TOI, he had a hit and three blocked shots, all while shutting down his opponents. And by finishing +1, he's slowly chipping away at the gawdawful plus-minus rating he's accumulated.

Game of Firsts: Derek Smith and Colin Greening
The season-of-career-firsts continued with D. Smith and Soylent Greening tonight. They join Bobby "Bustler" Butler, Erik "AnaCondra" Condra, Corey "Pop and Locke" Locke, and Robin "Obi-Wan Lehnobi" Lehner in getting 'career firsts' this year.

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