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Silver Seven Hockey Night #2: April 2, 2011 - Senators/Leafs

Come see Erik Karlsson!
Come see Erik Karlsson!

Hello all. A few of us went to the Senators/Flyers game on the 26th. It was good fun! As I am the only one who feels like organising it, you are kind of stuck with the games I can go to. ;)

With that said, I pick April 2 against the Maple Leafs. Now the tickets for this game are a lot more expensive than others (for example the coca cola zone is sold out).

As of the time of writing, I can still buy 8 tickets in the upper 300 level, row S. Tickets are $65.08 after fees/taxes. But I will forgive you the 8 cents because I am nice like that.

Also, since 8 tickets is about $520, if I have never met you before, I would prefer if you find Peter in Ottawa and give him a small deposit or something. :P

But since it is a Leafs game, the tickets will sell out very quickly. So, email me at the address on my profile here if you are interested. Or leave contact information here.