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Game 74: Ottawa Senators @ New York Rangers

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Ottawa Senators
@ New York Rangers

Thursday, Mar 24, 2011, 7:00 PM EDT
Madison Square Garden

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"I went out with the interns. Those white boys are not kidding around. Have you ever tasted scotch? It’s terrible! And this thing they call ‘box seats at the Ranger’s game,’ it’s so cold. And what is Rohyphnal?"

The Senators are back at it tonight, hoping to play spoiler against the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden. Although realistically, they would probably spoil more by losing this evening, because that would put the Rangers that much farther ahead than those fighting to get into a playoff spot. But I digress..

New York has won five straight and are among the hottest teams in the Eastern Conference, while the Senators... have a slightly better record recently than they'd put together earlier in the season. Still, with Ottawa playing with a renewed outlook on life, expect it to be a competitive game at least.

Some players I'll be watching tonight:

  • Craig Anderson: Returns from injury tonight, and will play his first game since signing that four-year contract extension. Will try to get off on the right foot.
  • Patrick Wiercioch: Has that always tough first game out of he way, and his parents will be able to see him in action this evening. Will the Kubonic Plague drag Wiercioch down once again, or will he fight through it?
  • Marian Gaborik: When the streaky Gabo is on his game, few teams can shut him down. And tonight, he'll be up against the rock-solid shutdown tandem of Brian Lee and Chris Phillips, so... yeah.
  • Brian Boyle: Heck of a coming out party for Boyle this season, as he's eclipsed past season totals with his 21G, 12A season so far. He can be dominant at times.

Join us here once again this evening as we settle in and watch hockey played where it probably shouldn't be played: On the fifth story of a massive building.