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Silver Nuggets: Senators/Lightning; McElhinney starts again

Does Chris Phillips ever appear to have his eyes open in a game photo? (Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images)
Does Chris Phillips ever appear to have his eyes open in a game photo? (Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Ottawa Senators take on the Tampa Bay Lightning for the second of three meetings in March. It will also be the second last Saturday home game for the season. The last one will be attended by yours truly. YES!

Also, Peter will return at some point today! This will mark an end to Mark's reign of terror and tyranny. See what I did there? Mark an end to Mark's reign? Ha! Funny Adnan!

Lastly, I just want to say how disappointed I am in each and everyone of you for not offering to fix my neck yesterday. For shame Silver Sevens, for shame!

Here are today's links:

Tonight's game

  • Game preview. (
  • Everyone once again predicts a loss tonight. This will be the third straight game without a single prediction of a Senators win. (Sens Extra)
  • Curtis McElhinney will make his second consecutive start. (Sun)

General Sens News

  • Curtis McElhinney has played well so far. If he can keep it up for a few more games, he can hopefully get a backup job next year some where. (Sun)
  • Ryan Shannon is getting a lot more ice time. In the last twelve games, it hasn't been under 15:20. His 21 points on the season are a career high, his 8 goals are tied with his career high, and the 68 games played are also a career high. He's also managed to be +1 on an awful team. (Sun)
  • David Hale knows he has a lot of competition for a defensive spot next season. I don't see how he could possibly be in the top 6 permanently next year, but he has been solid the time he has been here. (Sun)
  • Cory Clouston felt the hit on Colin Greening by Dainius Zubrus was "very close" to being suspendable. (Sun)
  • With the Flyers in heavy cap trouble, Don Brennan has the brilliant idea to go after Jeff Carter in the offseason. Now I support the idea of poaching players from teams in cap trouble, but I am not sure if we have the assets to acquire Carter. Also, Carter has eleven more years left on his contract. That's right, ELEVEN years. (Sun)

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General Hockey News

  • Vincent Lecavalier feels P.K. Subban is not a very well liked guy. Lecavalier slashed Subban in the left thigh, which caused Subban to collapse to the ice before skating to the bench holding his left arm. Ahem...P.K? Who do you think you are, a Brazilian footballer? Ha! (
  • Here is a nice table showing the probability of draft pick order based on final league positions. (The 6th Sens)