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Silver Nuggets: Senators win; Black SENS jersey is no more

Greetings Silver Sevens. I am ill today and therefore I did not go to work. Being ill is tough. But being ill is not so tough. I finally got out of bed (it is 10:37 a.m. at the time of writing) so you will get Silver Nuggets today after all.

Also my neck and shoulders hurt more than usual today, does anyone want to give me a rub? If so, after you are done, can you fly across the country and help Ryan too?

So the Senators won 3-1 against the New Jersey Devils. The Colorado Avalanche lost again. The Edmonton Oilers lost again. The Nasvhille Predators won. To summarise: a terrible day for Ottawa Senators draft positions. Speaking of Nashville, Mike Fisher went pointless for the 8th straight game and has only 4 shots in his last 4 games. Mike is doing his best to help Ottawa but Martin Erat won't cooperate.

Lastly, in another shout out for Sergei Gonchar, he has extended his streak of not being on the ice for a goal against to six games.

Here are today's links:

Last game

General Sens News

  • Marek Svatos is getting the chances but not burying them. There is some other stuff in there about Ryan Shannon and Jesse Winchester as well. That's right, I don't read every article I post. (Sun)
  • The Black SENS jerseys are no more. Last night was the last time the Senators wore that jersey. Hopefully the new one doesn't have a barber pole theme on it. SO SAY WE ALL! (Sens Town)
  • Pascal Leclaire Craig Anderson is still injured and likely won't play tomorrow. (Citizen)

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General News that Adnan likes

  • The UEFA Champions League draw was this morning. The marquee matchup has Premier League holders Chelsea taking on current Premier League leaders Manchester United in an all-English tie. The other quarterfinals are Real Madrid/Tottenham, Barcelona/Shakhtar Donetsk and Inter Milan/Schalke. (BBC)
  • Here is an adorable video of a baby being frightened every time his mother blows her nose. He also laughs after being frightened every time. Awwww! (YouTube)