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Silver Nuggets: Senators beat first place Flyers; Phillips decision down to the wire

Greetings Silver Sevens, you get Silver Nuggets on both days of the weekend. This is good, yes? Life is not so tough when there are nuggets to read. On the other hand, there will be no general hockey news today, instead you will get to read my rant about my trip.

The Senators won their second consecutive home game, this time a 4-1 win over the Philadelphia Flyers. From the time Nick Foligno tied the game midway through the second period, the Senators quite frankly dominated the Flyers. Notable stat of the season: The Senators are 3-1 this season when I am in attendance, including a 2-0 mark when I watch in Ottawa. Eugene: get me a Air Canada pass and season's ticket, thanks!

Here are today's links:

Last game

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General Sens News

  • Colin Greening, Corey Locke and Roman Wick have been sent back to Binghamton. Since no one was called back up, presumably the three will be back in time for the Sens' next game on Tuesday. (Silver Seven Sens)

  • Still no decision on the Chris Phillips front. While I do want him gone, his celebration last night was awesome and shows how much the club means to him. I will miss him if he is gone. (Sun)
  • Alex Kovalev will be missed by at least one Ottawa journalist. (Sun)
  • While the Senators have struggled this year, it's no way near as bad as their inaugural season. When the Senators won a game that season, it was an event. For any of you who were fans way back then, well done for braving that! (Citizen)

Adnan's Trip News

The following are my random thoughts on my trip to Ottawa for the weekend.

  • The crowd was great last night. A sell out crowd of 19,934 (capacity is 19,153 without standing room). Peter started a good half dozen GO SENS GO! chants. I even tried an ALFIE! ALFIE! chant, but that didn't work out too well. All in all, good atmosphere. Everyone from the blog was great, was super fun.
  • I splurged and bought a Sens scarf and sweatshirt at the Rideau Centre. That was going to be the end of it, until I saw a Sens Store at the Rideau Centre. Thirty minutes later I placed an order to ship two jerseys to Toronto: a Karlsson red jersey and a free black jersey that they threw in. Pretty good deal I think even if the jersey is being replaced!
  • Ottawa has a lot of one way streets.
  • Ottawa is gorgeous and looks incredible in the daytime, lots of historic buildings. I really should go to a bunch of museums next time. Nighttime...not so much. But I am not really into the nightlife anyway. If my entire family wasn't in Toronto, I might just move to Ottawa.