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New scoreboard for Scotiabank Place

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An artist's rendition of the new scoreboard for Scotiabank Place.
An artist's rendition of the new scoreboard for Scotiabank Place.

The Ottawa Senators announced today that they are (finally) upgrading the scoreboard at Scotiabank Place.

The specs: The screen is more than four times as large as the screen on the old scoreboard and has an LED HD display that's nine times clearer than the current one.

It's billed as a Christmas gift of sorts for Sens fans, and replacement will start as soon as the Dec. 22 game against the Florida Panthers ends, and will be completed by the team's Dec. 27 game against the Montreal Canadiens--and a little under a month before the eyes of the league converge on Ottawa for the NHL All-Star Game.

From the team's press release:

The Senators partnered with Panasonic, who is creating and installing the Bell HD Screen using the latest technology. The main screens boast the most advanced 6mm LED technology in the marketplace today. The surface mount diodes (SMD) will allow the system to produce over 2,000 nits of brightness and will provide viewing angles that approach 160 degrees in all directions. Each main screen contains 691,200 pixels, providing a resolution nine times clearer than the existing video screens.

"Panasonic is pleased to partner with the Senators to bring this spectacular new scoreboard to Scotiabank Place," said James Doyle, president, Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company. "The technology and engineering are a true reflection of Panasonic’s quality and technology leadership, and we worked closely to meet the Senators’ objectives in bringing this solution to life, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the fan experience."

The centre-hung scoreboard was designed and procured through Anthony James Partners, a Canadian-owned consulting firm based in Richmond, Va. Ottawa native and AJP principal Michael Rowe has been working with the Senators for the past year to develop one of the most distinctive systems in the NHL today.

As a cheap bastard who usually sits in the 300s despite poor eyesight, I'm definitely looking forward to the new scoreboard. I'll definitely be making a hockey lovin' face when I get to see it.