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Silver Nuggets: Milan Michalek out with a concussion

The NHL's leading goal scorer is out with a concussion. No, I don't mean Sidney Crosby, but Milan Michalek. He got hurt after colliding with Erik Karlsson in last night's win in Buffalo. Ottawa's two best players colliding with each other had the potential to get ugly but initially it looked like both players survived it. Michalek ended up playing a few shifts after, but didn't play in the third period. It turns out it wasn't his shoulder but a concussion.

On the bright side, Paul MacLean spoke to the media this morning and said that Michalek "felt way better" today and doesn't expect Michalek's year to be ruined. These things have a habit of lingering on though and according to Graeme Nichols this is Michalek's third concussion since 2006.

The Senators were already in tough tonight, playing the Boston Bruins, but Michalek's injury is only going to make the task that much harder. He's the only player in the NHL currently on pace for 50 goals.

Last game

  • Game recap. (Ottawa Sun, Senators Extra)
  • After outshooting Buffalo badly, it was a good night on Corsi for the Senators. Only Chris Neil, Zenon Konopka, Matt Carkner and Jesse Winchester ended up on the negative side. Erik Karlsson led the way at +12. (Time on Ice)
  • Here are the scoring chances. Rough night for Chris Neil on this too, being on the ice for one Ottawa scoring chance and five Buffalo chances. (The 6th Sens)
Tonight's game
  • Game preview. (Ottawa Sun)
  • Everyone but Jeremy Milks predict a Boston win tonight. Three people predict the Senators will fail to score a goal and four predict that Ottawa will only score once. Peter said 3-0 Boston. (Senators Extra)
General Sens News
  • Nikita Filatov spoke to Pavel Lysenkov while waiting in London for a connection to Moscow. He admits that the financial aspect was important in moving to Russia. He also felt he was playing well but just couldn't seem to score a goal but pointed out that he barely played in five of the nine games. Filatov didn't seem to think Paul MacLean was biased against him but did say that his time in Ottawa didn't help him much. Lastly, he got a bit upset when asked what is the point of ever going back to the NHL, answering with "What kind of a stupid question is that?" (Yahoo!)
  • Paul MacLean hopes to have one of Filip Kuba and Sergei Gonchar back for Friday's game against Pittsburgh. Can't come soon enough, both of them have been sorely missed. (Score Ottawa)
  • Jared Cowen has been playing well recently but Jason Spezza doesn't think Cowen is quite looking like Zdeno Chara yet. (Senators Extra)
  • Speaking of Chara, he likely will not play tonight but is officially a game time decision. (Ian Mendes)
  • If you want to go to tonight's game, Ibanez_Guy is hoping to sell or trade his tickets as he can't go. Check out his FanPost if interested. (Silver Seven FanPost)