Silver Seven: December Hockey Night

So, since we had such a great time at the home opener, and because I need someone in Ottawa to go to games with, here is another game night!

Prices are approximate and should be a little bit lower than listed below as I get a small discount. If we get a ton of people, there should be a larger discount. Also as you will notice, some gold games are different from others. I have no idea what the Sens are doing with their pricing. My personal preference is Vancouver as it is a good opponent, Saturday night and reasonable price. But someone will organise it whether I can make it or not!

I know it seems like a long time away, but we have to decide on which game, and then collect the money and get firm commitments so I will need to know for sure in 2-3 weeks! Please only vote in the poll if you are interested in going, as I would rather not have it skewed by fans from...Moose Jaw. ;) So here is what I need from you:

  • Vote in the poll.
  • Email me at the address on my profile with your maximum price, what games you are okay with and how many tickets you are interested in.
  • Add any comments below.
  • I will make an executive decision based on emails and poll.

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