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Silver Nuggets: Senators take on the Blackhawks

It's been a long time since the Ottawa Senators last played, made longer by all the rumours and drama circulating, but the team's back on the ice tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks. Some headlines heading into the game:

  • It's a tight race these days in the prediction panel, but most predict (big surprise) a Sens loss tonight. (Sens Extra)
  • Allen Panzeri asks where it all went wrong for the Senators. I think an easier question would be to ask what, if anything, has gone right? Two lone examples may be Jesse Winchester and Erik Karlsson. (Citizen)
  • To make the playoffs, Ottawa will have to round out the season with playoff-style hockey. No comment. (Sun)
  • Because bringing a 19-year-old into the toxic atmosphere surrounding the current Senators team, and then thrusting him into the high-pressure starting netminder's position, sound like such a good idea, Bryan Murray is considering it. (Citizen)
  • Nichols offers us a transcript of the telling Bryan Murray press conference from earlier in the week. (The 6th Sens)