Sens' Prospects in the Elitserien

Hey all, hope all of you had a nice all-Star Weekend. I was able to watch the Skills Competition but not the actual All-Star Game, which was a bum, but work is work. Anyways, I feel like I've talked too much about the Senators' struggles and rebuild and all those possible fantasies, and want to go back to the main reason I started writing these "FanPosts". To update all of you guys on the perils and falls of Ottawa prospects in the SEL. The season is winding down as not too many games are left. All these players play on teams that will likely be in the playoff picture, but how far they'll advance, nobody knows. So I shall do so while recognizing that I have watched most of these players live against Skelleftea. Begin...

Jakob Silfverberg

The guy in the picture above plays a well-rounded, two-way game and is more of the type of hockey players who will stay back then jump in the rush. He's a pretty big guy here in Sweden at 6'1, and uses that frame to his advantage, meaning take-aways. Got good skills with the puck, but his first pass isn't always accurate. He's actually got in a mini-fight a couple days ago against a much smaller guy on Modo, two teams fighting for that last spot. When I see Jakob, I see a guy who has the potential to become a Jordan Staal, but will need some time to adjust to the North American game. One detract was during a game against Skells, where he totally got mouthed off by another player and almost went berserk. He needs to control those emotions to play in the NHL.

Brynas hasn't had a good season by standards, but still sit in the 8th and final spot, one point I believe ahead of Modo and one behind Frolunda. They'll need a spark to clinch a spot, but I'll be watching.

Andre Petersson

Obviously it's been a disappintingseason for the HV71 winger. He's been injured at times, especially with what is perceived a nagging back problem. But that's no excuse for a drop-off in play from last season. Petersson doesn't seem interested in the game, and his stats show it. Last season he got 15 points, now he's on pace for 16. So same thing you say? Wrong. HV71 is filled with depth up front, and so stats won't matter that much. Andre looks like a guy ready for North America next season, and a part of me feels he is too ready. That means he's not concentrating on the present and his own game right now. But the skills of Petersson are known. A very fast, hard-nosed player with a tendency to shoot more often. His shot is as good as anyone's in the Elitserien, although not profiled as much this season. A small guy indeed who will need to add to his frame before any action in the pros, but the same was said about Mr. Alfredsson. But whether or not we can actually compare him to Daniel is something we need to figure out.

HV71 are the kings of the SELowning a commanding lead at the top with Skelleftea in second. They will likely get the right to meet anyone they want in the quarter-finals, including Silfverberg's Brynas. As I said before, their depth on offense is matched by no other team, yet they only have 1 player in the Top 10 for scoring.

David Rundblad

For this man I am happy to say he is ready for NorthAmerica, and the NHL. The big guy has had an absolute fantastic season with Skells, and is lighting it up as of now. Rundblad is 7th in scoring the SEL, which is rare for a D-Man. The Assistant Captain plays an offensive-loaded game, and his puck control is one of the best I have ever seen. Unlike Jakob, his first pass is dynamite, especially on the PP. He is as skilled as Erik Karlsson but better defensively than Special K. He controls the play well is a calm guy. One things my fellow friends and Skelleftea faithful have noticed is that his skating is sub-par. I'd like to disagree, but it's sort of right. It is something however he will learn as he moves into the pros.

Skelleftea is second in the Elitserien, behind the almighty HV71. They will be in the post-season, and have a good shot at making a run for the title.

Emil Sandin

Sandin is your proto-typical smash-mouth, in your face type of guy. Drafted in the 7th Round I believe, Emil plays a lot, and I say a lot like Jarkko Ruutu. Likes to chirp off the opponent and will score a goal here and there. His specialty is the PK, where he leads Brynas in TOI on the penalty kill. His blocked shots are legendary, as a friend from Galve (where Brynas plays) tells me. The last time I watched him last season, the kid's got a lot of speed too and works hard on the boards. It seems we have too many of those players in Ottawa, but Emil has a future somewhere. Not yet, but in a while.

He plays alongside Silfverberg in Brynas, as I described them above.

Some of you may be asking about Markus Sorensen. Unfortunately, he has only played two games in the Elitserien for Djugardens, which is currently 6th in the standings. I actually saw his first goal on TV, a lucky one indeed off a defenseman and in the net. Other than that, I can't get his stats for the league he usually plays for and currently plays in now, the Elitserien J20. My friend, you may remember from an earlier post, the stats geek says he plays an aggressive game and gets some goals too it, but to be fair, goals aren't hard to come by in the J20. He looks like a total off-the-board pick for Ottawa back in the 2010 Draft.

Thanks all for reading, and hope that Thursday morning will be a happy one for me. KICK SOME RED WING ASS!!!

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