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Silver Nuggets: All-Star edition

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The NHL has its All-Star draft tonight, and Erik Karlsson is the only Senator in contention. Due to the break, it is a slow news day (or I haven't looked hard enough). So here are today's links:

General Sens News

  • Daniel Alfredsson's advice to Erik Karlsson for the All-Star game, including bringing lots of cash. (Sun)
  • A look at the Senators' guardian, 'The Senator'. Umm...yeah. (Citizen)

General Hockey News

  • Mock All-Star draft. Erik Karlsson is drafted in the 15th round, while Phil Kessel is the last pick in the draft (HA!). (Calgary Herald)
  • The NHL has a stable CBA for next season, unlike the NFL and NBA. It is hockey's time to shine! (Yahoo!)