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Silver Nuggets: Senators versus Les Canadiens; Blown out by Flyers; Kovalev returns; Brodeur starts

After a 6-2 hammering to the Philadelphia Flyers last night, the Montreal Canadiens and their boorish fans come to Ottawa to take on the Senators. Here are today's links:

Tonight's game

  • Game preview. (, Sens Extra)
  • The prediction panel is pessimistic, with five predicting a loss, and two predicting a win. Two are predicting that the Sens will be shutout. Ian Mendes boldly predicts that the Sens have a three goal scoring spree.(Sens Extra)
  • Alex Kovalev returns to the lineup tonight.  I am sure some of you will not be very happy about that. (Ian Mendes)
  • Mike Brodeur gets the start tonight. (Ian Mendes)
  • If interested, catch Peter Raaymakers from this site talk about the Senators on CBC Radio 91.5 in Ottawa tonight around 4:40 p.m.

Last night's game, other Sens and hockey news after the jump.

Last game

General Sens News

  • The Sens will have a new third jersey next season for their 20th anniversary, with the Big O being included in a rumoured style. (Sun)
  • A case for picking up Evgeni Nabokov last night, though he has already signed with Detroit. (Sun)
  • Players stats for the season so far. (Ottawa Senators)

General Hockey News

  • As mentioned above, Evgeni Nabokov has signed a contract with the Detroit Red Wings, he still has to clear waivers though. The Senators have the fourth highest priority behind New Jersey, Edmonton and the New York Islanders. (
  • The Washington Capitals might be beginning their regular season in Moscow. That would make for an incredible atmosphere with the Capitals' contingent of Russian stars. (Yahoo!)