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Silver Nuggets: Thirty-six games to go!

The Ottawa Senators lost for the eighth time in nine games, this time in a 3-1 decision to the Washington Capitals.  The Senators now are eleven points out of a playoff spot, as well as thirteen points ahead of the last place Devils.  Here are some gloomy links for you to depress over on a cold Ontario morning (-21 in Ottawa and -13 here in the Centre of the Universe):

  • Game recap from last night's game. For the masochists among you, there is a recap from three different sources, including the obligatory pun from the Ottawa Sun. (Sun, Citizen and Japers' Rink - Capitals Blog)
  • An interesting (yet sad) look at how little value the Senators are getting per dollar spent. (Citizen)
  • Chris Phillips is not blaming coaching for the struggles, Jarkko Ruutu may be counting down his days in Ottawa and Pascal Leclaire is...okay I am not even going to bother.  Meanwhile, Erik Karlsson is a freaking all-star! (Sun)
  • An article on the Senators sitting around waiting for something to happen as well as some strange personnel decisions lately. (Black Aces)
  • For those of you looking for something a bit more positive, here is a bone. The bone being courtesy of Cornwall, Ontario, best known for being on the way to Montreal from Toronto. (Cornwall Free News)
  • Bruce Garrioch's look at possible rebuilding plans (Chicago, Philadelphia or Pittsburgh). (Sun)