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Game 46: Ottawa Senators @ Washington Capitals

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Ottawa Senators
@ Washington Capitals

Sunday, Jan 16, 2011, 3:00 PM EST
Verizon Center

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I wanted to incorporate elephants into my lede today, but couldn't figure out how. So I decided to make an acrostic poem about the Senators with the word itself:

  • E-rik Karlsson
  • L-ikes
  • E-arning
  • P-oints
  • H-e'll need
  • A-bout
  • N-ine
  • T-o help the Sens win tonight

Some players I'll be watching tonight:

  • Alex Ovechkin: There isn't a game against the Capitals where you won't be watching the Great Eight. He's having an off-season, but he's still a damn good player.
  • Brian Elliott: Dude is s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g. He really needs to get things going soon, because Robin Lehner is nipping at his heels.
  • Nick Foligno: With 3P (2G, 1A) in the last two games, Foligno's solid second-quarter play has continued. The Senators are hoping things keep going.
  • Milan Michalek: Another guy with 3P in 2GP, and last game he finally hit the ten-goal mark. He looks like his speed has come back, which makes him an actual scoring threat.
  • Chris Campoli: Not happy after being scratched on a couple consecutive game nights, how will Campoli respond?

So we'll see what happens tonight. One of two things: The Senators will get closer to the playoffs, or will get closer to a lottery pick! Couturier? More like WHOOOOOOOOOO-turier! Join us in the comments for some good times.