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Game 44: Ottawa Senators @ New York Islanders

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Ottawa Senators
@ New York Islanders

Thursday, Jan 13, 2011, 7:00 PM EST
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Enemy: Lighthouse Hockey

Silver Nuggets: The Age of Lehner is Upon us

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Remember this?


This game, Robin Lehner's playing time is not going to be a fluke, and it signals the team is transitioning to evaluating where their young players are at instead of thinking they're one player away from a Cup run.

The opponent tonight is from the "How NOT to rebuild" side of the NHL tracks, as the Islanders are one of the few teams below the Senators in the standings... like they have been every year since I don't know, like 1995? (It was actually the 2001-02 season; New York had 96 points that year, while the Sens only had 94.)

They have John Tavares and no one. We have Erik Karlsson and no one.

Set your expectations appropriately. This game is gonna be awesomely bad, or just awesome. There's no way to know.

Therefore, it is your duty to join us in the comments section where awesomeness will always triumph.