Our allstar(s)

Okay just kidding, we will only have one. But as the NHL is going to today announce the remaining 36 allstars in addition to the 6 starters already voted in, I thought I would write a post about our two candidates. The candidates being Daniel Alfredsson and Erik Karlsson

The case for Alfredsson

He's 38 years old, and still leads the team in goals, points and power play goals, in addition to being the captain. And since every team gets at least 1 allstar (which is a questionable practice) why not pick the leading goal scorer and captain right? The problem with that is, Alfie while still trying has not had an allstar worthy season. His age is catching up with him and the criteria for allstars should not be lowered due to age.

The case for Karlsson

What can you say about the kid? He's been our best player this year, and on many nights, the only reason to get excited about the team. He makes things happen, and while sometimes he screws up defensively, has he really done it any more than Phillips or Gonchar, players much his senior. Not to mention often times when he screws up, he skates back hard and makes up for it. Also, while it isn't a conference vs conference style any more, it is worth noting that Karlsson is 6th in the eastern conference among defencemen in points, and tied for 3rd in goals. I would love to see Alfredsson get another honour, but Karlsson deserves it more I think. Hopefully, Alfie can be voted in as a starter next season when we host it though (and here's hoping we also have more deserving candidates next season).

What does everyone else think?

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