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Montreal beats Ottawa 4-2 in game nobody watched

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Pascal Leclaire of the Ottawa Senators jumps for joy knowing nobody in Ottawa could watch this game.
Pascal Leclaire of the Ottawa Senators jumps for joy knowing nobody in Ottawa could watch this game.

Tonight's game wasn't broadcast on television, so Senators fans were forced to turn to the radio (and the dulcet tones of Dean Brown) for coverage of the game. Since we couldn't watch the game, it was hard to really analyze how the game went, so instead of our usual, more involved recaps, instead here's a collection of really quick thoughts and observations garnered thanks to our radios:

  • The Erik Karlsson and Chris Phillips experiment didn't go well. Montreal's second goal (an unassisted Andrei Kostitsyn marker) happened because Karlsson and Phillips accidentally swapped sides and lost track of their men. Karlsson played over 28 minutes tonight, including 7:43 on the power play.
  • Ryan Keller had a relatively good game with a couple down moments. He made a few poor defensive plays early on (including one that led to a goal), but also scored a goal at the end of the second period. Overall a decent game for Keller. and certainly an improvement on being completely unnoticeable early in the exhibition season.
  • Pascal Leclaire was by all accounts, pretty good but he still let in a handful of goals and didn't get a ton of run support. Basically par for the course whenever he's had a good game while with Ottawa.
  • Craig Schira was +2. Experts say that's pretty good.
  • P.K. Subban was flying all night and scored Montreal's first goal. He also took two minor penalties, so while discipline might not yet be his strong suit, the Canadiens have a heck of a player on their hands.
  • Patrick Wiercioch had no points, penalty minutes, or shots, but he had a solid game tonight. He came out even on a night when most players were minuses, and logged almost as much power play time as Erik Karlsson and Alex Kovalev.
  • Overall, this was not a great game for Ottawa, and certainly not the most entertaining one. Here's hoping for better tomorrow night when the Senators host the Canadiens in their preseason home opener.