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Silver Nuggets: Roster notes; past, meet future

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It's a pre-season gameday edition of Ottawa Senators headlines, as the team's in Montreal ready to take on the Canadiens:
  • Tonight against the Habs, we're supposed to see a line of Mike Fisher, Alex Kovalev, and Peter Regin. Should be fun to watch. (Citizen)
  • It's not a Senators season without a goaltending controversy, and Robin Lehner's shutout, combined with Brian Elliott's weak performance--both in exhibition games, keep in mind--has started things early: Black AcesOttawa SunOttawa Citizen.
  • Damien Cox offers his great insight about the now-closed window of opportunity for the Sens. You know what they say, though: When one window closes, another one opens. Rebuilds don't have to be complete, and the Senators' hasn't been. I don't think I'm the only fan who's excited for the future (forwards like Bobby Butler, Mike Hoffman, Corey Locke, Jakub Silfverberg, Andre Petersson, and Roman Wick; defencemen like Erik Karlsson, Jared Cowen, David Rundblad, Eric Gryba, and Patrick Wiercioch; a goalie like Robin Lehner), but it seems Cox doesn't understand a team can simultaneously try to ice a competitive team while also rebuilding the organization. (Toronto Star)
  • Good to see Daniel Alfredsson is having fun in training camp. Might entice him to stick around for a few more of them. (Citizen)
  • Expect Ottawa to make their next round of cuts Monday, and it could be a big round. (Sun)
  • Peter Regin is going to do what he can to keep his spot on Ottawa's top two lines. It sure looks like Nick Foligno is doing everything he can to bump him off of it. (Sun)
  • But Regin's got momentum: Awesome in the playoffs, just as awesome in the World Championships right after. (Citizen)
  • Pascal Leclaire defended Carey Price after the latter was booed by hometown fans in his first pre-season game. It was bad, yes, but geez, Habs fans... (Citizen)
  • David Hale is getting a shot with Ottawa. His experience and defensive focus certainly work in his favour. (Sun)
  • "渥太華參議員冰球隊(Senators)周二晚於多倫多,跟楓葉隊(Maple Leafs)展開首場季前熱身賽,參議員隊的福里洛(Nick Foligno)利用昨仗的首次機會盡顯身手,並展示他有能力承擔今季在球隊的進攻球員角色。" (Sing Tao Daily)
  • Don Cherry is predicting a renaissance of the Battle of Ontario this year. The games on Tuesday and Wednesday make that pretty clear. Grapes is also a big Jason Spezza fan, still. (CitizenNational Post)
  • Roman Wick was alright with his NHL pre-season debut. (Citizen)
  • Still unclear is Ryan Shannon has a concussion, and he's out of the lineup for precautionary reasons, but his injury might not be too bad. (Darien Times)
  • Sergei Gonchar is getting used to Ottawa. (Citizen)
  • Erik Karlsson is "oozing with potential" for point-scoring, poolies. (Sportsnet)