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Silver Nuggets: When headlines rain, they pour

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An early training camp edition of Ottawa Senators headlines for this Monday morning:

  • The Senators are ranked 14th in the league by TSN, and they've got their season preview up now. (TSN)
  • Ottawa's fantasy preview is also up on TSN. (TSN)
  • We heard it yesterday, but Filip Kuba has a broken leg that will keep him out 5-6 weeks. (TSN)
  • Speaking of which, Jeremy Milks is calling the prospect of Brian Lee filling in for Kuba "a nightmare". (Black Aces)
  • In practices on Sunday, Cody Bass and Chris Campoli got into a minor skirmish. (Sens Town)
  • Words aren't going to proclaim Pascal Leclaire the number one, and he knows it. He'll just play with something to prove. (Sun)
  • Early predictions have the Senators barely in or missing the playoffs this season, which might be a good thing for the "underdogs". (Sun)
  • I don't know what to think about this article about the "new" Jason Spezza, except this: I'm glad I'll be watching him in an Ottawa Senators uniform this season. (Sun)
  • Maybe, just maybe, Spezza's out to prove the haters wrong. (Citizen)
  • Competing profiles on Sens prospect Roman Wick. (Citizen and Sun)
  • Fans of the B-Sens might have something good (i.e. playoff-bound) to cheer for this season. (Citizen)
  • Former Ottawa Senators draft pick Alexandre Giroux wants to prove he's an NHL player, trying out with the Edmonton Oilers this year. He's been a damn good AHLer for a while. (Edmonton Journal)