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Silver nuggets: All-Star Game in Ottawa, rookies on the cusp

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Here are a few Ottawa Senators headlines for today, as hockey news finally starts to pick up:

  • Gamenight tonight, at least the rookie version: Ottawa and Toronto. 7 p.m. Rogers, TEAM 1200, and online. Both teams (in fact, all four teams) are 1-1 in the tournament so far.
  • Looks like Ottawa will host the 2012 NHL All-Star Game. Hopefully it's not cancelled due to a lockout or strike. The official announcement is expected Wednesday morning. (Globe and Mail)
  • Ryan Shannon is "armed with a fresh attitude" for this season, and it's a good thing, too; another season like last and he'd have a hard time extending his career. (Citizen)
  • Bobby Butler is one guy who'll make things tough for Shannon in training camp, as his performance in the rookie camp has shown. (Sun)
  • Mike Hoffman's always been a scorer, but he's going to have to work on his all-around game to go places in the league, according to coaches. (Citizen)
  • Pascal Leclaire says he's feeling fine. I think he said that before last season, didn't he? (Sens)