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Silver Nuggets: Petersson lighting up European Trophy

Here's a collection of stories for you on this fine Friday:

  • Prospect Andre Petersson is lighting up the European Trophy tournament right now, having put up 4 goals and 4 assists in his first 6 games, which had him 3rd in points. At the time of writing, he had just added another goal in HV71's game against Tappara, bumping him up to 5 goals in 7 games. (European Trophy)
  • Daniel Alfredsson spoke at the World Hockey Summit, giving his take on the differences between the European and North American game, and why he prefers the NHL's ice surface. (
  • Our friends at Battle of Ontario are reporting that there will be two Senators vs. Leafs preseason games, both in Toronto, on September 21st and 22nd. (Battle of Ontario)
  • Ken Warren wonders just how long 38-year-old Daniel Alfredsson can continue to lead the Senators' offense. (Gazette)
  • CSN Washington picks Ottawa to finish 8th in the East. Of course, it's hard to take the article seriously when it calls Bobby Butler and Patrick Wiercioch as "two of the most sought-after college free agents at the end of the NCAA season." Right. (CSN Washington)
  • Our friend James Gordon offers his own prognostication: the Senators will finish fourth in the East. (Citizen)
  • Rumour has it Peter Regin is switching jersey numbers to #13 this season, so if you were planning on getting a Regin jersey, you might want to hold off on putting #43 on the back at this moment. (Sens Chirp)