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Top ten reasons Jason Spezza wouldn't object to a trade

10. Received smaller bun than usual at dinner, complaining of "diminished roll".

9. Wants to be able to tell friends "No, I left them, remember?"

8. Thought the proposal he read on HFBoards seemed like a fair deal for both sides.

7. Bryan Murray recently instituted a strict "no laughing like Fran Drescher" policy.

6. Just doesn't want to hang out with Eugene Melnyk anymore.

5. Tired of that Spartan from the 2008 playoffs asking for bus fare.

4. Realized fans were shouting "BOO", not "LUUUU".

3. Eklund offered a 40% share of advertising revenues so that he can be right just this once.

2. Tired of wife asking, "I'm as pretty as Carrie Underwood, right?"

1. To be quite honest, the thought hadn't crossed his mind until he read it in the paper.