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Silver Nuggets: Senators at the World Championships

A few recent headlines about the Ottawa Senators:

  • Nick Foligno's written some thoughts heading into the 2010 World Championships, where he'll represent the United States. Apparently his first game will be Friday against Germany... and it will be outdoors, in front of 75,000 people. That's amazing. (Sens)
  • Peter Regin (Denmark) and Erik Karlsson (Sweden) are also at the tournament in Germany, and they faced off against each other in a pre-tournament game on Wednesday. Sweden won 10-3. (Sens)
  • Regin's also one of the Top 10 young guns in the tournament, at least according to some obscure (but still nice looking) blog. (School your Pool)
  • Daniel Alfredsson had hernia surgery this week, and apparently it was a success--that's a good sign. (Citizen)
  • Alfredsson is one of the best forwards in the league by yet another measure: QualComp. (Copper & Blue)
  • Zack Smith's ready for his NHL rookie season next year. After seeing what he could do in the playoffs this year, I'm ready for it, too. (Sens)
  • Ryan Shannon is heading home to Darien, Connecticut to take part in the second Big Assist fundraiser, which goes towards supporting Connecticuters living with spinal cord injuries. (Darien Times)