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Silver Nuggets: Off-season plans; stayings and goings

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It's been a while since I did one of these, but a few Ottawa Senators headlines are coming out as the off-season moves onward:

  • TSN's Scott Cullen takes a look at the Sens' off-season game plan. (TSN)
  • Unfortunately, the Senators don't have much cap room to put their off-season strategy into action. (Citizen)
  • Extra! Extra! Anton Volchenkov is selling his house. But let's take a step back... he's probably leaving, but selling his house doesn't mean it's a done deal. (Sun)
  • Alex Kovalev is apparently an untradeable asset. I'm not surprised, but I think if he can recover from his injury he'll be a good guy to have around next season. (Sun)
  • Oh, and there's no market for Jason Spezza. Which brings about two questions: Why are people still looking to trade our number one centre, and if we were (we're not, by the way), any GM not interested would have to be crazy. And a third question, I guess, being why one would ask a former GM who's looking for work (Doug MacLean) about what current GMs are thinking. (Sun)
  • We'll see CHL teams in NHL11 next year?!?! I'm getting it so I can play as Mike Hoffman's Saint John Sea Dogs. (From the Rink)