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Ottawa Senators Stanley Cup Playoffs desktop wallpaper (Round One)

Update: If you downloaded the file before 3:45pm EST on Monday, you should re-download it. There were a couple of problems with the originals -- the resolution turned out wrong due to SBNation's size restrictions, and the game time of the game on the 18th was incorrectly listed as 6:30pm (thanks, Marc441!). Our apologies for the inconvenience.

For those of you looking to support the Senators on your computer screens during the playoffs, or simply looking for a schedule of the upcoming games, we figured we'd make up a quick and dirty desktop wallpaper for you to enjoy during the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We're not graphic designers, by any stretch, but hopefully this is suitable for those of you looking for a playoff wallpaper. Here's how it looks in 1024x768 (there is also a wider version available):


Download: (1024 x 768) (1280 x 800) (1680 x 1050)*

If you have any good Senators or playoff themed wallpapers for our readers to check out, be sure to post them in the comments!

*Note: If you have a really bizarre resolution and have an undying urge to use this wallpaper for some reason, let me know in the comments what your resolution is and I'll make one for you.