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Silver Nuggets: Kovalev out for playoffs, Leclaire starts tonight

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Senators headlines in a special Saturday edition!

  • As we reported earlier, hockey training video icon and accused loafer Alex Kovalev is going to be out for the playoffs after that knee injury sustained against the Tampa Bay Lightning. (Silver Seven)
  • Pascal Leclaire gets a bit of a surprise start in net tonight, which is either to get him into a rhythm in case he's needed in the playoffs, or to prevent Brian Elliott from suffering the same fate as Filip Kuba and Alex Kovalev. (Sens)
  • Tonight's prediction panel. (Citizen)
  • The Binghamton Senators won an important game last night, but due to their rivals in the playoff race winning, the B-Sens have been eliminated from the playoff hunt. Expect a few Binghmaton players to be called up for the playoffs, including Jonathan Cheechoo, Zack Smith, and Mike Brodeur. (Press Connects)
  • When asked how long tonight's 1000th game ceremony would take, Daniel Alfredsson quipped "Eleven minutes, hopefully." He then added, "It could end up being 13, but then I’d have to throw my stick again." (Sun)
  • Entering a playoff hockey pool? Take Erik Karlsson! (Sun)
  • Our friends at The 6th Sens want your vote for the Sprague Cleghorn trophy, aka the Reverse Masterton, awarded to the player "who best exemplifies the characteristics of selfishness, sore losing and general douchebaggery." (6th Sens)
  • The Hobey Baker was awarded to Blake Geoffrion. The Senators' Bobby Butler was a top-three finalist. (Fanhouse)