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Alex Kovalev out for playoffs with torn ACL

The Ottawa Senators announced today that forward Alex Kovalev has a torn ACL and bone bruise, and will require surgery for his injuries. He will be out for the entirety of the playoffs, with rehab potentially taking four months.

This is a huge loss for the Ottawa Senators. Despite complaints about Kovalev's effort level, he is fourth on the team in points and is near a point per game player in the playoffs. He also is a consistent threat when he's on the ice, freeing up room for his linemates.

G A P +/- PIM
2009 - Alex Kovalev 18 31 49 -8 54


Kovalev's injury adds to the Senators' injury woes for the playoffs, as it was announced earlier that Filip Kuba would be out for a month due to surgery on a back injury.

Say what you will about the various flaws in Kovalev or Kuba's games, but there is no denying that the Senators' chances of making it past the first round have taken a serious nosedive after these injuries.