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Silver Nuggets: Elliott to start, playoff clinch watch

  • Looks like Brian Elliott gets the start tonight. Jesse Winchester also will be in the lineup, with Shean Donovan sitting out. (Sens)
  • Even if we have concerns over Leclaire's physical state, at least he seems to be in the right mental state judging by his responses to questions from the media. (Sun)
  • The prediction panel is largely calling Ottawa over Edmonton tonight, with one exception: Milks from Black Aces thinks the Oilers will get the win. (Citizen)
  • A few Senators spoke out about headshots, particularly Matt Cooke's hit on Marc Savard, condemning the hits. (Citizen)
  • Maybe a bunch of Philadelphia Flyers will become Sens fans for the last part of the regular season, expecting the Flyers to finish sixth and hoping Ottawa finishes third to set up a first-round matchup. Apparently neither Ottawa's historical dominance over Philly nor shut-down defender 'Alexander Volchenkov' scare Pennsylvania columnists. (DelCo Times)
  • It's that time of year again: The playoff clinch-watch. I like to use Sports Club Stats, because they measure the exact possibility a team has of making the playoffs, based on possible outcomes dealing with every game around the league. According to them, only the Capitals have clinched, and the Oilers have been eliminated. Ottawa's got a 97.9% chance of making it. (SCS)
  • The Playoff Push takes a different approach, looking at the record a team can finish on to likely make the playoffs. Ottawa could go 7-7-2, and still probably make the playoffs. (From The Rink)