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Silver Nuggets: Reaction to Sutton trade

I'm expecting trade deadline day will be pretty quiet for the Senators, so here are some stories for you to read:

  • ESPN's Pierre Lebrun likes what Bryan Murray has done: making moves in advance of the trade deadline to ensure you get the guys you want, rather than wait until 3pm EST and end up missing out on plugging the holes in your team. (ESPN)
  • Blogosphere reacts to Andy Sutton deal: (The 6th Sens) (Hockey or Die) (Black Aces) (AOSB)
  • Islanders fans react to the deal in this thread. Some feel that the Senators got a great deal, to the point that one fan called it repayment for the Isles making out so well in the Campoli deal. (Islanders Point Blank)
  • Fanhouse crunches the numbers on the value of a second round pick. Their finding? "If you're a contender, and you think Andy Sutton or Matt Cullen is what you need to put your team over the top, it's a small price to pay for a chance at a deep postseason run." (Fanhouse)
  • View From My Seats tries to get all Debbie Downer on us and look at the human aspect of trades. What, you mean people don't like having to find a new school for their kids? (VFMS)
  • Oh, in case you're planning on buying an Andy Sutton jersey, he'll wear # 5. (Mendes)
  • UPDATE: Filip Kuba doubtful for tomorrow's game against Hurricanes. (Citizen)