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History lessons from a reader



Some of you may or may not have noticed the sidebar on the right-hand side that says "FanPosts". This is a section where readers, like yourself, can write articles on any hockey topic, particularly those that pertain to the Ottawa Senators. You can write an opinion piece, pose a question, or show off your statistical prowess.

Recently, user Crooklyn Banks has been hard at work compiling a history of the Ottawa Senators, going through the years season by season. He writes in the casual tone of a guy wearing a Radek Bonk jersey at a local pub dispensing rather bizarre pieces of trivia -- for example, did you know the Ottawa Senators did not have a shutout until the 1994-95 season? He still isn't near completing this ambitious task, but I figured it was a good time to direct your attention to it if you haven't read it already:

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