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Our plan for the trade deadline

For those following the trade deadline tomorrow looking for in-depth Ottawa Senators analysis, we have a three-pronged approach going this year to serve you best:

  1. This website. As soon as any Senators-related deals go down, they'll be posted here, with analysis written as fast as we can. We'll also have a live thread going for comments all day long.
  2. Our Twitter feed. Twitter is one of the best sources on trade deadline day, and we'll be sure to keep our feed updated with the day's biggest events and speculation.
  3. The 6th Sens deadline day chat. Our friends at The 6th Sens are doing a big deadline day chat featuring a number of bloggers, including me. Ask questions, discuss trades, and join in on the fun.

It all starts at 8am EST tomorrow in preparation of the 3pm EST deadline. Be sure to come around for all of the latest news!