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Silver Nuggets: Leclaire expected to start; NHL's biggest brawls

  • Cory Clouston said that both goalies would play on this road trip, so people expect Pascal Leclaire to get the start tonight against the Vancouver Canucks tonight. (Citizen)
  • The panelists are just about split on predicting tonight's game: Four pick Ottawa, three (including yours truly) picked Vancouver. (Citizen)
  • Scouting report: The Sens are having a hard time scoring. (Vancouver Sun)
  • Over and done with now, but Clouston and Milan Michalek maintain that Michalek's tip-in against Calgary should have been a goal. (Sun)
  • The Senators-Flyers brawl tops the list of the NHL's biggest brawls of the last 23 years. (Behind The Net)
  • Daniel Alfredsson is a supporter of the new blindside-hit rule. Considering the blindside hit he took from Mark Bell a couple seasons back, it's not surprising. (Citizen)
  • The Orland Kurtenblog interviews James Gordon for a dossier on the Ottawa Senators. (The Province)
  • I didn't expect a 6th Sens podcast featuring Jay Grossman, Anton Volchenkov's agent, to contain so much swearing, but there you go. It does. (The 6th Sens)
  • UPDATE: Written like a bit of a press release, but Scotiabank Place scores a 27 on (I assume) 35 possible points. (Stadium Journey)
  • So I'm watching Paralympic sledge hockey right now, and I'm wondering if there are any sledge referees they can employ.